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ColchesterNEXT is a group of people who enjoy living in Colchester and want to make it better. We want to connect, empower and support the next generation of Colchester/Truro. We target people age 19-39, but age is a frame of mind and we welcome everyone!

Meetings & Events

Got Ideas for Colchester?

We meet monthly to discuss various community projects/opportunities. NEXT Meetings are open to the public and walk-ins are welcome.
No upcoming events

Do you see opportunities to improve our community?  Some people want to improve the local music scene, some want to improve local government, while others just want more events and opportunities to network. Please take two minutes and complete our online Survey!

Looking to Network?

The Young Networking Society is another local group that organizes a variety of activities and networking opportunities. Check out their facebook group to keep up to date on evening socials, group hikes, movie nights and other fun events!

Media of the Week

Where do our tax dollars go?

This is a great, simple explanation of taxes. It may not be exciting (or a cute kitten) but it's totally worth the watch!

Got positive videos or photos that are great for Media of the Week? Please send the links/images to and we'll post them!
We've got a Facebook Page and Twitter Feed to keep members up to date with local NEXT news!  Follow us by clicking on the following social media links: